We offer several fundraising activities throughout the dance season.  These fundraisers are offered to each student and can help pay for dance expenses. Fundraiser details will be posted on the Bulletin Board.

Parents Week

There are (3) Parent Weeks scheduled  throughout the dance season where parents  can observe their child/children”s progress.  Most classes learn special routines– Just for You. 

Parent week dates are posted on the Bulletin Board.

Competitions and Workshops

Our company members attend various competitions and shows throughout the dance season.  It is a rewarding experience for students who are interested in performances. Studio support is always welcomed.  Workshop classes are offered in our area.  Please watch the bulletin board for details.

Show and Picture Weeks

Two weeks are devoted in the spring for students to perform at Nursing Homes and Marlborough Day. Also for students to take our annual studio pictures in costumes. There are NO regular dance classes during these two weeks.  These two weeks are helpful in preparing our students for our recitals. Refer to the Events Calendar for these dates.


Our recital consist of  (4) shows at the end of the dance season.  Each student will perform in (2) shows.  Refer to the Events Calendar for these dates.

Stage Moms

Each dance group requires (2) to (4) stage moms for shows and recitals.  A sign up sheet will be posted in advance on the Bulletin Board for volunteers to sign up.  We have stage mom meetings to discuss the necessary details.  We recommend that each mother volunteer for one event.