Students must submit a separate application. The applications are reviewed and the sessions are scheduled through the office. There is a separate registration fee of $15.00 due when applying for these classes. This fee will be refunded or credited to your account if you do not get a time slot. Students must call by 12 noon to cancel their lesson or that class will be billed. All private instruction tuition must be paid in advance and account charges must be in good standing.


Solos, Duets, Trios- $60.00 per hour for group registered students

Solos, Duet, Trios – $75.00 per hour

A separate application must be submitted for private instruction.

To apply: Download the application below and submit it to our office.

To submit completed application:

Document Download

Icon of Application, Solo, Duet, Trio Application, Solo, Duet, Trio (39.9 KiB)