Class Attire

All students are required to wear leotards and tights unless otherwise specified.  They may be any color or style.  Students are not permitted to wear any garment which hinders movement or teacher’s observation for corrections.   All students will be notified upon registration as to the proper shoe and color for each subject.  All students must be dressed properly and have the proper shoes for each class.


Attendance is essential for the student to progress.  If students should miss a class, make-up classes will be made available provided the office is notified prior to the absence.  This make-up class does not count towards perfect attendance.  Tuition is required for all missed classes.  If a student must withdraw from class, the office must be notified in advance.

Perfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance Medallions will be presented to students achieving this award at the studio in the last dance class of the season.  Solos and Cecchetti program are excluded.

Late Pick-Ups

Students must be picked up promptly after class.  If not, sitting fees will be charged. $10.00 – 30 minutes and $5.00 every 15 minutes thereafter.

Lost and Found

A box is kept in the dressing room for all clothing, shoes, etc., that are left.  At the end of the season any items not claimed will be donated to charity.  All dance shoes should have names written in them.

Snow Closing

ADA follows the Prince Georges County School closures.  However, in some cases when safe we will still have classes.  For weekend classes or in doubt call the studio.  If one class is missed, it may be made up in another class.  If two classes are missed a snow day will be scheduled during Spring Break.


Costumes are ordered 6 months in advance to allow for delivery and fittings.  They have to be paid for when they are ordered.  Costume down payments of $70.00 for ages 3-7 and $40.00 per subject for ages 8 and up with your October tuition payment. You are subject to a 10% late fee if payment is not received by October 8th.  If we do not receive your deposit by October 11, 2014 costumes will not be ordered for your child.  After costumes are ordered there will be no refunds.  Costume balances must be paid in full by January 10th, 2015.  A 10% late fee will be added if balance is not paid by this date.