Our Mission

Artistic Dance Academy’s mission is to train students for a variety of dance pursuits while instilling and nurturing the values and benefits of a Family Oriented Studio. Since its founding, ADA (originally the Cindy King Dance Studio) has fulfilled this mission by:

Providing quality training, development and performance opportunities for a broad range of dancers.

Exposing students to the world of dance through the Company’s Education & Training Programs.

Presenting at community activities, national and regional dance competitions.

Maintaining a dance faculty that offers an exciting and challenging program in which students can focus on dance technique, education, performance and choreography.

Striving to provide students with the appropriate knowledge and technical skills needed in dance.

Seeking to promote dance as a science, a performing art form, an educational tool and a recreational activity.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere and learning environment that exhibits Family life and Love.


1. To present an array of courses that will provide a solid foundation for students to become proficient teachers, choreographers, and /or performers.

2. To promote creativity and the development of the creative process in students.

3. To provide cultural and artistic enrichment to the students and the community through performances and concerts.

4. To promote dance as an art form within the community.

5. To promote diversity through a variety of dance experiences and opportunities.

6. To enhance self –esteem, leadership, communication skills, and character development.