Founded: 1977

The Cindy King Dance Studio began in 1977 by Cindy who had a dream and an endless passion for the Art of Dance, especially the teaching aspect.  She began teaching at age 15 in the basement of her parents’ home to neighborhood children.  She also taught at various recreation departments. The first dance recital was performed in 1979 with 35 students.

The school grew and Cindy opened up her studio in Forestville in 1983. With over 100 students it wasn’t long that there was a need for expansion.  The second storefront studio was soon open and two rooms were operating at full capacity now providing teaching opportunities for her advanced students who aspired to also be teachers.

In 1994 the studio location moved to Upper Marlboro, Maryland to expand once again, now to offer three studio spaces. This is when we became “Artistic Dance Academy”.  We are currently in the Upper Marlboro location where we instruct approximately 150 students per week in various dance art forms. Our students perform at many community events and Senior Citizen homes.

We also have a Company that competes in Dance Competitions. We also take field trips to New York to catch a show and some Broadway classes. You will often meet Moms with their children in class that were once students themselves.

The History at ADA (Cindy King Dance Studio) has made for many fond memories that our “Dance Families” will cherish forever.